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Training room

The harder you practice the harder you hit, so keep developing your news powers. As a true mangajin you must study harder about the different aimnes and mangas that are available for you.

To be as strong as this to guys you have already seen you should continue practicing your moves and skills.

Remember that a mangajin must be ready for the battle no matter when or where. As a test of yourself, leave your e-mail address in my guestbook in order to send the Dragon Ball Test to see how smart are you; ONLY IF YOU DARE!

Any way You should take a look at this page to learn a little about the different animes around the world.

If you decided to continue.

Well for those of you who stay that only mean one thing. You are ready to continue with the rest of my corridor. Now in the next pages you'll find the links and informations to various stuff like music, videos, anime reviews and mos important the rest of training of also found here.

As a little test of your knowledge answer me this question, if you answer it correctly you won "this week anime prize", but if you don't answer correctly that mean you are not a true mangajin yet and you should visit my first links to start increasing your powers.

Question 1)

In Magic Knight Rayearth at the beggining of second season the three girls are invoke again, but this tiem there is no queen. So who was the only charcter(s)capable of called them back again?

Now at this part of my corridor you found a link that take you to the "Dark Side of Anime". You are free to take this route, but in order to finish your training and complete the tour trough my corridor, keep reading on this pageĦĦĦ.
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PD: After you read the question go back to my entrance write the answer in my guestbook, leaving your e-mail address to cantact you later an tell if you won or not

Multimedia Links Lists

Son Gohan: Lots of Dragon Ball stuff, including mp's, videos, images, vrml stuff and links to others DB pages.
Anime Archive: A Mega HUGE anime index containing info and images of almost all the animes existing over the world.
Genesis: This is the page a gave all the credit for my work, because I got the icons, ideas and some images from there. Please check it out yuo'll see this site is incredible.
Image Shrine: A site with images of almost all teh anime babes and some of videogame. Containing anigif, hentai, art images of each charecter available there.
Ego's Domain: Cool page with valuable information about anime and other stuff. Also contains anime music in mp format.

Click here to continue the tour trough my page: YES baby keep going and going and going, and going, and going.