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Want to fill your head out of knowledge? (some of them are not related with anime)

The Trash page: Spreading bad ideas the good way.
Manga page: A page every mangajin should already know.
Anime Nation: A cool web page, with cool links and anime information
Anipike: The best and only place to learn about anime (editor's choice)
Encyclopedia Mythica Home: If you want to learn more about legends ang myths of all human civilizations start here!
My Poems: Great web page with poems
Web Zite: Learn from videogames emulators to hacking, preacking and cracking
WebMaestro-Crea tu página web: Learn HTML coding the easy and funny way

humans who had entered through my door


A new dawn:

Hello and welcome to my very first web-page, feel glad to follow the links to learn more about our culture and world. Also for my fellows collegue buddies visit my "School Homeworks" web-page to read about the latest works from my classes.

If you see it a little boring or you think it could be better please let my know. You can email me at :

My List of Links

Prove yourself
YAkoto's Free Anime Mailing Contest
Enter to the free anime mailing contest. Just criticize my page and leave your e-mail address and you're automatically eligible to enter the contest.
School Homeworks
Here you can find some of the school works I have uploaded for educational purposes